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Beeswax skull head by Pretty Flame Game
  • Beeswax skull head by Prettyflamegame

    There are many great things about beeswax candles but first and foremost, they are 100% natural and a renewable resource. Because beeswax is produced by the bees there are no chemicals to be found. It’s important when you’re buying beeswax candles to make sure they say ‘100% pure beeswax’ as sometimes candles will be marketed as beeswax but in fact only contain around 5%, the rest made up of paraffin.

    So what else makes beeswax candles superior to fellow paraffin candles? Because they are a natural product, they are chemical free and non-toxic. Meanwhile paraffin candles often contain toxic chemicals such as synthetic fragrances and artificial dyes. By choosing beeswax candles, you are limiting your exposure to toxic compounds

    This is why so many prefer BeesWax candles also the go to choice by witches for spellwork 😉

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