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Get 2 the Bag skullhead
  • Get 2 the Bag skullhead

    Get 2 the bag money skulls fixed by Brujitamala herself with clove leaves provided separately for safe shipping


    This is a candle, it will create a big mess when burning, wax melts all over. I suggest using heavy-duty foil layered twice to line a fire-safe dish or somewhere safe with the edges folded up like a bowl. Place on FIRE-SAFE place to burn! Do not place on plastic or anything that can melt when heated up, it will get HOT! A candle can cause a fire if not watched or treated with care! This is why you must be 18 to enter! You understand that entering this giveaway we are not responsible if you do not burn this candle safely. You clearly understand that a candle must be burned safely. This candle can have the ability to burn up to 12 hours or more. Some do and some burn in three hours. They all vary, so be safe!

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