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Medusa candle by Pretty Flame Game
  • MEDUSA by Pretty Flame Game

    Women in the 20th century began to see reflections of themselves and other women in the fate of Medusa. They saw parallels between the punishment and isolation the Gorgon faced for her own assault and the way women are so often maligned for the mistreatment they endure.


    Instead of a monster, she was an example of how painfully demonized feminine people have been for embracing themselves and their power. Through the century Medusa became a feminist symbol of the power of feminine rage, leaving the male gaze, and finding independence, in addition to protection. For this reason items featuring Medusa have continued to be sought after by those who wish to protect and celebrate the resilience, emotionality, and empowerment that has long been pushed down in feminine people.

    Medusa teaches us to know and love ourselves outside of the expectations of patriarchal society. Because she is a reminder to be unapologetically ourselves and fierce in the face of oppression, Medusa is a perfect talisman for manifesting and honoring our inner bad bitch!

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