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Spiritual practices and candles With Pretty Flame Game

Join us in discovering the tales woven within each flicker of light. From the ancient rituals to modern-day mindfulness, our blog is a sanctuary for candle enthusiasts, where stories, tips, and inspirations converge.

Today we look into ancient candle rituals from Puerto Rico which is my Where I am From and my whole Family Is as well as we all know so many cultures have there own practices and spirituality is different for many people because of our up bringings So today I share a Little about My island and spirituality and the use of candles in our Country and culture .

In Puerto Rico, as in many cultures, candles have played a significant role in various rituals and traditions, often blending indigenous Taíno practices with Spanish Catholicism. Here are a few ancient candle rituals from Puerto Rico:

  1. "Velación" or Vigil: The practice of "velación" involves setting up altars or "mesas" adorned with candles, religious icons, flowers, and offerings. These rituals are often conducted for various purposes, such as seeking divine intervention, protection, healing, or guidance.

  2. "Novenas" and Prayers: Lighting candles during novenas (nine days of prayer) is a common practice. Families gather to pray specific prayers for nine consecutive days, often lighting candles dedicated to saints or spiritual figures, symbolizing devotion and supplication.

  3. "Santería" Practices: Within Santería, a syncretic religion combining elements of West African Yoruba beliefs with Catholicism, candles hold a crucial role. Different colored candles are used to invoke specific Orishas (deities) and align with their attributes, such as red for Chango (god of fire and thunder) or green for Oshun (goddess of love and fertility).

  4. Healing and Cleansing: Candles are used in rituals aimed at healing and cleansing negative energies. This could involve passing the body through the smoke of specific herbs while holding a candle, believed to purify and restore balance.

  5. Spiritual Protection: Lighting candles for spiritual protection is a prevalent practice. It involves creating a shield of positive energy around oneself or a space by lighting specific candles, often accompanied by prayers or invocations for protection.

  6. Celebrations and Festivities: During festivals or religious celebrations like Christmas or the Feast of Three Kings, candles are lit to commemorate these events, often adorning homes and altars as symbols of joy, faith, and celebration.

candles setup so beautifully
Candles are a Part of So many spiritual practices..

la Mesa Blanca
In Puerto Rico everyone had a mesa Blanca at their home Growing up

la Mesa Blanca

The white color in Candles typically represents purity, light, and spiritual cleansing in many cultures. These candles might be used in various rituals, from honoring ancestors to cleansing spaces or providing spiritual guidance. Each tradition or practice may have its own specific rituals and meanings associated with the use of these candles.#purity #light #spiritualcleansings

I hope to see you guys share your favorite memories, posts Spiritual practices no matteer Where you are From Around the world Diversity Is beautiful Feel Free to share any thoughts you might have about this blog.

Thank you for joining me on this journey! Your support means the world. Remember, our journey doesn't end here. Let's stay connected - through comments, social media, or even carrier pigeons if that's your style. Your thoughts and ideas matter, so let's keep this conversation going. Until next time, stay curious and stay connected!"

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Being raised in Puertorican home I have been exposed or even taught about the Mesa Blanca when it starts no one can't leave. That's where they deal with cases bases on who the spirit picks. Also, honoring our ancestors and love ones who have past giving them light and prayers. A lot you have briefly mentioned is this blog is very normal for me based on my upbringing.

Jazz Pfg
Jazz Pfg
Nov 25, 2023
Replying to

Yes Tiffany In puerto rican culture honoring our ancestors is a huge part of spirituality and our culture


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