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Geranium poppy seed bar soap by Pretty Flame Game
  • Geranium Poppy seed bar By Prettyflamegame

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    welcome our new soap geranium bar with poppy seeds

    this bar or loaf is made with 100%goats milk rose

    powder and dried rose petals poppy seeds and geranium

    essential oil as well as clary sage oil now to the benefits

    Poppy seeds. *rich in nutrients and antioxidants.


    Contains pain relieving compounds * known to boost

    heart and skin health Geranium benefits *

    Cosmetic Anti

    inflammatory, Astringent, Balancing Deodorant *

    Odorous balancing relaxant m, deodorant,

    Aphrodisiac, Antiviral, Astringent. Having rose geranium

    oil in soap will make it easy to get its antibacterial

    benefits while cleansing the skin it also traps water in

    your skin marking it stay hydrated and prevent dryness

    this is what's so great about natural essential@oil soap

    since regular soaps often dry the skin the natural rose

    geranium contains no chemicals that cause our skin to

    dry Last but not least Goats milk

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