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PH Balancing Soap Bar

PH Balancing Soap Bar

Welcome our newest Yoni soap bar made of oatmeal and honey Ph balanced to keep our yonis feeling and smelling amazing we do not want to throw of our ph balances this soap is natural gentle great for keeping up your ph balance as well as getting it in the proper levels

Here are some benefits for using this extraordinary, rich and organic soap, you may not know.

Known as a 'wonder' ingredient, oatmeal and its powerful healing protect your skin from harsh elements. Oatmeal is known for breaking down barriers of aging along with a multitude of almost magical pampering capabilities. It is helpful to our heart as well. One of the biggest reasons people selects this type of soap is, it's ideal for treating skin disorders. As an anti-inflammatory agent, oatmeal has a score of anti-oxidants. People who suffer from skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis and poison ivy brag about the use of oatmeal. This soap will help control many of these illnesses. But, it's also known for reducing pores, furthermore oatmeal combats the aging process. Calms skin, soothes itching or irritated skin.

The pH levels found in oatmeal soap create a balance of your skin’s somatic levels. The reason so many dermatologists recommend this treatment is for its balancing capabilities. Another reason why health practitioners prescribe oat soap is for its exfoliating power. It's also eliminates blackheads along with some forms of acne.

  • How to use out Yoni bars

    Directions use wet soap wet the area in a circular motion

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