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Stonewall Cascarilla Protection Skull Head by Pretty Flame Game
  • Stonewall by Prettyflamegame

    CASCARILLA skull-head

    Cascarilla is a spiritual substance and tool

    that originates from native traditions of West

    Africa. To this day it continues to be valued for

    its symbolism and its properties within

    spirituality for protection and purification

    practices. The most common way to use

    Cascarilla is to repel negative energy and to

    put a protective shield around you and your

    space. So If you are trying to cleanse your

    house, yourself or your space use our hand

    poured Stone Wall protection skull head

    candle fixed with cascarilla for a simple, but

    effective arsenal of protection.

    This skull is made with our own wax blend and made with herbs and oils and Casquerilla for protection this is the protection skull-head everyone needs to have one of these in there Prettyflamegame arsenal

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